About SDS-ID International

SDS-ID International is the registry of an internationally accepted identification number for safety data sheets. SDS-ID International provides a platform for safety data sheet distribution for manufacturers.

That's how SDS-ID works

For each product a unique and distinctive identification number (SDS-ID) for safety data sheets is assigned. This applies worldwide and over the lifetime of a product.

The SDS-ID provides instant access to all available language and country versions on sds-id.com.

SDS straight from the manufacturer

SDS-ID International is authorized by the manufacturer to publish the safety data sheets. Exclusively SDS of participating manufacturers will be available. This ensures that users constantly get the latest manufacturer supplied version.

SDS-ID International therefore differs essentially from the numbers of unauthorized SDS collectors available on the Internet.

How do users obtain a SDS?

The participating manufacturers will usually print the SDS-ID on the product label and the related product documents (operating instructions, product information, etc.).