This is how SDS-ID works

SDS-ID International provides a unique identification number (SDS-ID) for safety data sheets. This applies worldwide and will subsist throughout the lifetime of a product. Each user of a product has immediate access to all available country/language versions.

For immediate access to the SDS we suggest to use the following options

Specifying the SDS-ID and the optional QR code …

  • … on the product label.
  • … in the product information / instructions for use.
  • … on the delivery note / invoice.
  • … on the SDS itself for updating.
  • … in product presentation on your website.

This leads to the following advantages:

  • Providing the SDS electronically on a direct way under REACH.
  • Customers no longer ask for SDS by e-mail or telephone.
    • High labor savings.
    • No distribution expenses for initial and updated SDS.
  • Each product user has immediate access to the most current SDS in his country/language version.
    • Without searching.
    • Without registration.
    • Free of charge.
  • In case of emergency
    • Emergency doctor and emergency call centers can directly access the SDS via smartphone/internet.
    • Simple forwarding/communication of the SDS-ID via phone possible.
  • Extra short URL simplifies the written, verbal and electronic deployment of an SDS.
  • Users don't need a separate SDS collection (list of SDS-IDs is sufficient in most cases).
  • Always current status on each access.